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We are continuously in search of professionals that can bring further value to our offer.

Pronti a lavorare nel Team di Intraservice

Intraservice is always open to establishing new collaborations with translators, revisors and interpreters, who are serious and qualified professionals. We only want to work with the best!
If you are a translator or an interpreter and you would like to apply to work with us as a freelancer, send us your CV and a cover letter.
Before sending us your cooperation proposal, read this page carefully and make sure you have the necessary requirements.
1) Our collaborators must have perfect knowledge of the languages they work with. They must therefore have perfect knowledge of their native language and master the language from which they translate. A level of proficiency in a foreign language below C1 is not acceptable.
2) Our translators translate exclusively into their native language; an exception can be made only if they are bilingual.
3) Our collaborators must have completed a relevant course of study (in translation and interpreting, foreign languages and similar) and/or have gained experience in the field.
4) From our collaborators we demand reliability, timely delivery of the work assigned, transparency and professionalism in accepting tasks they are truly qualified for.
5) Prepare your CV and cover letter carefully, paying attention to the form as well as the content. Untidy and superficial writing is the worst business card for a language professional. We accept CVs and letters written in Italian, English, Spanish and French.
If you feel that you can and want to join our team   FILL IN THE FORM


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