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Intraservice was born in 2011 as a new company in the area of Frosinone, in the centre of Italy.
It is based on the great passion for foreign languages of a freelance translator, young but with many years of study behind, connected to the actual need to offer a punctual and quality language assistance service to local businesses , to allow them to work with foreign companies and countries without communication problems.

We collaborate with professional, mother-tongue translators and interpreters to assure high competency in many linguistic combinations.

Mission: to help the local companies widen their horizons and business background easily and with professionalism.

The cultures of the world at your fingertips.

Elida Intraservice Arce

Elida Guadalupe Crispino

Executive Manager Specializing in : English, German


Flaminia Inglesi

Junior Project Manager  Specializing in: Oriental languages


Stefano Moscardini – Commercial manager


Elisa Evangelisti  Chinese

Manja Neubert   German


Sylvio Verrecchia – IT manager, Webmaster


Vitale Valentino – Web & Social Media Marketing


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